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EL PRIMER PORTAL DE SERVICIOS FERIALES DE HABLA HISPANA EN EL MUNDO is the result of 8 years of professional experience and know-how within the tradeshow industry. By offering our services through the internet we have given a step ahead, not only to improve their quality and promptness, but also to gain access to more potential customers and users. is a professional site devoted to exhibitors, tradeshow service suppliers, tradeshow organizers, industry associations and professional visitors. is about a Virtual Community based on the Physical one which characterises the exhibition grounds, segmented by branches of activity and interests. At the same time, it can be considered as an “e-marketplace” of agents related with the exhibition industry and an “e -fairplace”, where on-line operations are carried out as preparatory event in both virtual and physical communities. accounts a important professional database of tradeshow service suppliers and institutions participating at events worldwide, as result of its experience, continuous work and knowledge in the tradeshow industry, which can be seen as a pro and an important previous starting point to the launching of an internet site. Our main advantage is the existence of an experienced human team on backstage with a wide expertise of the industry and capable to fulfil the demands and necessities of the customers. is a unique and exclusive tool with more than 13.500 references to events and tradeshows worldwide and more than 25.000 service suppliers for both visitors and exhibitors alike, which confers our platform a leading profile because:

The quality and value of our Information

Day by day companies have new offers and prospects and they are in need of reliable, quick and useful information to expand markets & business. In fact we have signed co-operation agreements with the leading associations, organizers & news agencies to give shape to a vast information platform providing accurate, detailed and updated information daily.

The expertise of our Team

A team of tradeshow consultants with expertise on event counselling & participation planning.

The quality of Our Services

Both free and dutiable specialised & tailor- made services with added value for different agents taking part in the tradeshow industry business.

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Tel. +34 96 3312605 - Fax +34 96 3312608